The Don’t Look Back Center

The Don’t Look Back Center (TDLBC) is a Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) Substance Use Disorder Gender Responsive (GR) licensed agency created to empower socially and economically disadvantaged women and transwomen of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to obtain safety, restoration, leadership, courage, tenacity, and health. We consider all physical, emotional, social, and mental health conditions to effectively break the cycle of addictive patterns and unethical thinking to initiate change while developing life skills for restoration in all aspects of a woman’s life. We serve the needs of the most vulnerable people in our society; an organization would be hard-pressed to serve more vulnerable community members than we do. Our clients are all women, including transwomen, most of whom have recent criminal justice involvement and have experienced a variety of life traumas. We actively seek out this population in our community outreach work and refuse support to no one. Among our recent clients, a disproportionate number were victims of domestic violence, several were HIV+ and virtually all have housing instability.

Services Provided: Substance abuse treatment including DUI education and therapy, mental health services, relapse prevention, care management, Acu-Detox sessions, life-skills, relapse prevention, Recovery Coach services, food pantry, clothing, sober living transportation, cell phone (when available), Trans Outreach Program, Outpatient Restoration Program (for those who need advocacy in court), mentoring, collaboration with Second Chance in the City and Denver City & County jails providing reentry services.