WAGEES Community Impact Report- January 2023

The Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCCL) acts as the community oriented intermediary for the Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills (WAGEES) program. The Work and Gain Education and Employment Skills Community Impact Report highlights WAGEES’ achievements since the program’s inception in 2014 and subsequent expansion in 2018. In addition to featuring program data, service model innovations, and Community Partner voices, this report seeks to illustrate the instrumental role that community- informed reentry models play in enhancing public safety, reducing recidivism, increasing economic mobility, and improving the health of Colorado communities.

What is WAGEES?

Work and Gain Education & Employment Skills (WAGEES) is a successful community-based program that facilitates reentry for people under the Colorado Department of Corrections supervision (i.e. parole, transition in Community Corrections) or within in one year from their discharge date. WAGEES Community Partners work in partnership with the Colorado Department of Corrections to help coordinate services and provide opportunities and support for successful reentry. Whether already out on parole or getting ready to come back home, WAGEES Community Partners can help.

How to get enrolled in WAGEES

  • Request a referral from your Community Parole Officer, Community Reentry Specialist, Facility Parole Office, Pre-Release Specialist or Community Corrections Parole Liaison to one of the WAGEES Community Partners, or
  • Visit one of the WAGEES Community Partners and ask them for assistance in obtaining a WAGEES referral
  • Complete the intake process at the selected WAGEES Community Partner and actively engage in the program.

What are WAGEES services?

Each of the WAGEES Community Partners offers its own unique program that provides services designed to help people on their reentry journey to successfully connect with their communities and families. People who choose to enroll and actively participate in the WAGEES program are eligible to receive services such as:

  • Employment Preparation and Placement
  • Work Clothing and Tool Assistance (pay for clothing/boots/shoes required by employer or clothing for interviews, also for small tools required by the employers)
  • Group and Individual Mentoring
  • Identification Acquisition (i.e. fees for Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc)
  • Vocational Training Cost Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance (bus passes or tickets to help attend work and WAGEES activities)
  • Medical Benefits Acquisition (medical and mental health)
  • Housing Assistance (shelter fees, limited housing or hotel, rent)
  • Family Reunification/Parenting support
  • Education Assistance (fee for classes and books)
  • Substance Abuse Support Group
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Much more…

Is there a charge for services WAGEES Community Partners provide?

Community Partners offer a wide range of services. The services offered under WAGEES are free of charge for most services but there is often a progressive cost share for services such as housing. Some Community Partners have their own housing which is available to people who need such assistance and are willing to follow the rules and guidelines established by the Community Partner for safe and successful reentry. Housing resources are always in strong demand which creates limitations in the duration and amount of support provided. Talk with your Community Partner for the most current information and availability.

Reentry into community with supports for success. WAGEES Community Partners can help provide you with the knowledge, skills, and supports needed to put you on the path to reentry success.

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What People Say

If you’re to enroll into the WAGEES program, you come into a family of partners that’s going to offer love, respect, honor, and loyalty to support what you need, want, deserve, and desire out of life.

Leo Alirez, Executive Director, Life-Line Colorado

When people come here, they’re going to be respected. They’re going to be seen. We see them for who they are, for what their struggles have been, what the challenges are going to be. And they know that we see them for the human being that they are and that we’re there for them.

Hassan Latif, Executive Director, Second Chance Center

One thing I say is we’re not about people’s pasts. We’re completely about their future.

Micah Espinoza, Executive Director, Western Slope WAGEES

We understand that for many folks, it took a lot of courage just to come in to ask for help. So we work hard on trying to develop relationships with anyone and everyone who’s involved in all of our different programs at Loaves & Fishes.

DeeDee Clement, Executive Director, Loaves & Fishes Ministries

WAGEES Community Partners serve parole office areas across the state.