What is WAGEES?2020-08-12T15:50:52-06:00

Work and Gain Education & Employment Skills (WAGEES) is a successful community-based program that facilitates reentry for people under the Colorado Department of Corrections supervision (i.e. parole, transition in Community Corrections) or within in one year from their Discharge date. WAGEES Community Partners work in partnership with the Colorado Department of Corrections to help coordinate services and provide opportunities and support for successful reentry. Whether already out on parole or getting ready to come back home, WAGEES Community Partners can help.

How do I get enrolled in WAGEES?2020-08-12T15:52:27-06:00
  • Request a referral from your Community Parole Officer, Community Reentry Specialist, Facility Parole Office, Pre-Release Specialist or Community Corrections Parole Liaison to one of the WAGEES Community Partners, or
  • Visit one of the WAGEES Community Partners and ask them for assistance in obtaining a WAGEES referral
  • Complete the intake process at the selected WAGEES Community Partner and actively engage in the program.
What are WAGEES services?2020-08-12T15:48:21-06:00

Each of the WAGEES Community Partners offers its own unique program that provides services designed to help people on their reentry journey to successfully connect with their communities and families. People who choose to enroll and actively participate in the WAGEES program are eligible to receive services such as:

  • Employment Preparation and Placement
  • Work Clothing and Tool Assistance (pay for clothing/boots/shoes required by employer or clothing for interviews, also for small tools required by the employers)
  • Group and Individual Mentoring
  • Identification Acquisition (i.e. fees for Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc)
  • Vocational Training Cost Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance (bus passes or tickets to help attend work and WAGEES activities)
  • Medical Benefits Acquisition (medical and mental health)
  • Housing Assistance (shelter fees, limited housing or hotel, rent)
  • Family Reunification/Parenting support
  • Education Assistance (fee for classes and books)
  • Substance Abuse Support Group
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Much more…
Is there a charge for services WAGEES Community Partners provide?2020-08-12T17:10:56-06:00

Community Partners offer a wide range of services. The services offered under WAGEES are free of charge for most services but there is often a progressive cost share for services such as housing. Some Community Partners have their own housing which is available to people who need such assistance and are willing to follow the rules and guidelines established by the Community Partner for safe and successful reentry. Housing resources are always in strong demand which creates limitations in the duration and amount of support provided. Talk with your Community Partner for the most current information and availability.

I was recently released from prison but I’m not on parole, am I eligible?2020-08-05T15:39:11-06:00

People who have been discharged from prison but not on parole are eligible but you must enroll within one year of your discharge date.

I just want a WAGEES Community Partner to pay for my housing but I don’t want to enroll in the WAGEES Program, can I do that?2020-08-05T15:38:56-06:00

No. The WAGEES program is comprehensive and designed to address multiple reentry needs. The WAGEES Community Partner cannot use WAGEES funds to pay for any allowable expenses of someone not enrolled in WAGEES.

I was enrolled in WAGEES but ended going back to prison, can I still receive WAGEES services once I get back out?2020-08-18T16:47:49-06:00

Yes! We understand that things happen and if you’re ready to re-start your journey back to community we’d like to be there for you.

I have a loved one and I’d like to get them enrolled, how do I do that?2020-08-05T15:38:30-06:00

The WAGEES program is voluntary and only the individual can choose to opt in for services. Please provide them information to see if they are interested and if so, they can request a referral.

I think a particular WAGEES Community Partner would be a good fit for me but they’re in a different area from where I’m paroling, can they accept me?2020-08-05T15:38:12-06:00

Maybe. WAGEES Community Partners cannot change the jurisdiction you are paroled to. We suggest speaking with your Parole Officer to see what options are available and if changing parole offices is possible. If so, then the Parole Officer can choose to refer you to the WAGEES program you are seeking.

I want the Community Partner to continue assisting with my rent and other payments, are they required to once I’m enrolled?2020-08-05T15:38:00-06:00

It is within the sole discretion of the WAGEES Community Partner how much assistance can be provided and for how long. The budget resources are limited and the WAGEES program is consistently over-enrolled each year. So, many factors are weighed by the WAGEES Community Partner such as remaining budget funds, number of people served, cost of the expense, your active and earnest participation in the program that they may consider when evaluating expense requests.

I have a Parole Officer and WAGEES Care/Case Manager, who has authority over my parole plan?2020-08-05T15:37:38-06:00

Your Parole Officer. The WAGEES Care/Case Managers can assist with your reentry needs but do not have any authority over your parole plan. Often your Parole Officer and/or Parole Community Reentry Specialist will be communicating and working with the WAGEES Care/Case Managers to coordinate programs and services. However, the Parole Officer is the only one that has authority concerning your parole plan and parole supervision.

I’ve been messing up and not doing what I should be while on parole. I think I blew it, what should I do?2020-08-05T15:37:29-06:00

You should talk with your Parole Officer. We know that can be tough so a WAGEES Care/Case Manager can help coach and support you as you work through an issue that you need to inform your Parole Officer of.

Will you tell my Parole Officer everything I say?2020-08-05T15:37:19-06:00

Our role is to help you through all the ups and downs while you’re on your parole journey. We understand frustrations and will help you work through those in a productive and responsible manner. What we won’t do is lie, cover-up or make excuses for bad behavior. Community safety is one of the primary goals for WAGEES Community Partners so illegal activity will not be tolerated.

The house I live in at one of the WAGEES Community Partners has lots of rules and I don’t feel like following them, do I have to?2020-08-05T15:36:35-06:00

 No you don’t have to. The WAGEES Community Partner also does not have to allow you to live there if you refuse to follow the guides and rules they have established. The housing offered is generally in congregate living situations with multiple people. The guidelines and rules established by the WAGEES Community Partners exist to create a safe, clean, respectful and productive living environment for a success reentry experience.

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