Colorado Springs Works

Colorado Springs Works offers training in construction, flagging, and more. Participants who complete CSW’s job seeker workshop are matched with an employment coach who provides individualized job search assistance to include resume preparation, e-mail setup if needed, interview coaching, job leads, and community referrals for housing, transportation, healthcare, counseling, childcare, food and other support services. We also offer a Career Prep workshop, financial management, time management, conflict resolution, anger management, parenting, reconciliation, and interpersonal communication skills.

What needs to be done is a smooth process, a more efficient process, into getting a person getting out of prison, to getting a job, and then eventually a career. So that’s why everything in our program is so condensed. It’s all about meeting them where they’re at and making the process that much more efficient and effective.

Juaquin Mobley, Vice President, Colorado Springs Works